Fair Trade Practices

Harmony's Candles supports fair trade

1Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers


The families of Harmony Cone Ear Candles are from rural areas. We are single mothers, people with disabilities, home schooling families or your elders. We encourage economic self-sufficiency and ownership as each family works out of their own homes establishing a working lifestyle that is beneficial to themselves and their families.


2Transparency and Accountability


The families of Harmony Cone Ear Candles are involved in day to day decisions as well as processes that affect (themselves) in the handcrafting of our ear candles. Keeping communication channels open and clear at all levels of the supply chain as well as within our families is a key ingredient to our success. Promoting transparency in changes, issues and creating accountability for all helps create the best Ear Candle product in the world.


3Fair Trading Practices


All handcrafted ear candles are made in a self created work schedule. These contractors are paid weekly for all work accomplished and create their own goals. All changes in quotas are discussed in an open forum and allows the team of families to help support each other.


4Payment of a Fair Price


Fair pricing has been mutually agreed upon by dialogue, participation and contract allowing for special family environments and market sustainability.


5Ensuring no Child Labor and Forced Labor


There is no forced labor in the home of any of the Harmony Cone Ear Candle families. Families work together at their own pace set by their own quotas. Quotas are never set by anyone other than themselves. The families handcraft ear candles when it is convenient for themselves.


6Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Women’s Economic Empowerment and Freedom of Association


Harmony Cone Ear Candles is a multi ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of families that work together for a common goal: To handcraft the only Certified Organic Ear Candle in the world that is sustainable and based on Fair Trade principles. Dr. Harmony and her family works with each family to ensure the families health and wellbeing, in particular pregnant and breast feeding mothers – of which there have been quite a few, including Harmony herself! Working together as a team with no master/servant relationship enhances the quality and value of Harmony’s Ear Candles.


7Ensuring Good Working Conditions


Working hours are established by the families themselves, while the working conditions are established under good manufacturing processes established by the USA. Each families working station/area is inspected bi annually to ensure cleanliness and GMP guidelines. Families work in well ventilated areas.


8Providing Capacity Building


Harmony and her family work with the families to help achieve their personal goals and dreams. Whether it is religious, political, education or a dream to become an actress, Dr. Harmony encourages and promotes the self building/education of oneself and provide opportunities for them.


9Promoting Fair Trade


Promoting Fair Trade, Sustainable and Organic is an integral part of Harmony Cone Ear Candles education and marketing platform. They are strong proponents of a new way of doing business, a sustainable way that is based on the integrity of Fair Trade principles.


10Respect for the Environment


Harmony Cone Ear Candles are the only ear candles in the world that use sustainable certified organic cotton in conjunction with a high food grade wax that produces the least amount of particulates as compared to lesser waxes. Harmony’s candles also arrive to your door step with a carbon neutral foot print. The time has come for us to wake up and take care of the only planet we have.