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What is Holistic, Spiritual Candling?

Holistic Candling is a centuries old method that is natural and relaxing.

Does ear candling remove ear wax?

NO! Ear Candles are not medical devices, therefore, they can not remove objects, including wax, yeast/candida, bacteria and/or fungus from the ear. Ear Candles do NOT create a vacuum. They create a vortex which is a big difference. A simple test proves this: Close the tip of an Ear Candle, burn it down while holding it outside of anyone’s ear – now look and see what is inside. Or you can take another Ear Candle and hold it over salt or sand … there will be NO upward movement. Please see Patrick Quantens research at www.earcandling.info

How do we make our Ear Candles?

We make our Ear Candles by hand. Each Ear Candle is handcrafted in the United States by highly trained home school families, people with disabilities, single mothers, Native Americans, the elderly and those in need of a job outside of the corporate rat race. We have farmers, paraplegics, homeschool families, and a wide diversity of religions and cultures working with us to create the best handcrafted Ear Candle in the world.

Do Ear Candles hurt?

Ear Candles should never hurt. If they do, simply stop. Some people that have perforated ear drums experience an uncomfortable sensation. Please make sure that all air conditioning vents and windows are closed as well as all fans are turned off.

What are Ear Candles made of?

In general, all Ear Candles are made of muslin cloth, beeswax, and/or food grade wax, and/or essential oils. Please see our Ear Candles sections for exact specifications.

How long does it take to Ear Candle?

Depending upon the person, one Ear Candle could burn as quickly as 10 minutes up to 15 minutes long. Each ear candling session probably will last an hour to an hour and a half.

How frequently should I use Ear Candles?

People use their own intuition. This is a spiritual decision.

What is the history of ear candling?

No one knows where Ear Candles originated. There have been false claims that Ear Candles originated from various parts of the world – Aztec, Mayans, Chinese, etc. This information has been repeated so many times that it has been conjured into reality. Corn husks were used by the Muscogee Native American Indian tribe, cheese cloth or handkerchiefs were used by the Italians, papyrus reeds were used in India, and water reeds were used in Japan as a means to candle the ears.

So where did Ear Candles come from and when?

We do not know, but what we do know is that after 15 years of ear candling all over the world we have learned that people have known about and used Ear Candles for many generations. Friends always share stories of their relatives using Ear Candles.

We do believe that the Ear Candle is an ancient remedy that is innovative, holistic, and has been passed down from generation to generation, from parent to child. It has become evident that ear candling works and has been taught by word of mouth from parent/healer to child/student.

Why does smoke come out of the bottom of the Ear Candle?

When the flame is surrounding the Ear Candle and covering the complete end of the hole it sends compressed smoke and warm air down through the Ear Candle and into the ear. If you hold the candle outside of the ear, you can witness this downward motion. Once the flame is completely around the Ear Candle and not covering the opening, the smoke will begin it descent upwards again.

Is beeswax better for you than food grade wax?

The food grade wax that we use is the cleanest burning wax on the market as it has the highest melting point available for this modality. Also, it is very important to consider where your wax comes from. Is the beeswax pulled from hives that have been flourishing in a pesticide sprayed area? When burning any wax, how many carbons are being released? Food grade wax has the least amount. Also, are you allergic to bees? If so beeswax is not for you. Is beeswax really more environmentally friendly? It drips more than food grade wax, it produces more vapors and carbons when burning, and since our bees are already in danger, why place undue stresses upon them.

Can I use Ear Candles on my animal?

We have had many pet owners that have used Ear Candles successfully with their pets. Of course, it will be dependent upon the pets attitude, disposition, and trust of their pet owner.

What are some statistics and how many people actually use Ear Candles?

Please see the Clinical done in Germany at www.earcandling.info

What does the FDA say about Ear Candles?

Please follow this link to learn more www.fda.gov

How do Ear Candles work?


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According to Daniel R. Seely, MD, MPH; Suzanne M. Quigley, PhD; Alan W. Langman, MD, in their research, Ear Candles – Efficacy and Safety, published in Laryngoscope 106: October 1996, reveals that there is no negative pressure generated by any of the burning Ear Candles at any point during the trial. Ear Candles do not create a vacuum nor remove anything from the body, including wax.



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    May 17, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Dear Betsy and Kevin,

    Thank you so much for your article and I am so sorry that you were disappointed! However, I appreciate the truth and honesty much more so.

    I am very glad that you used my candles and that you referred to our website for the truth about ear candles. As you found out, many, many people are very confused about the issue.

    Regrettably, the FDA will not let us talk about what ear candles actually do and when to use them … because god forbid we compete against their pharmaceutical industry! However, please know that when candles are used for the right purposes they are very relaxing and very healing.

    If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact me directly … I always love having dialogue with those who have an open mind. I tell people all the time … we used to think the world was flat but obviously it is round. It is the same with ear candles … they do not create a vacuum or suck anything out … they merely work the human body energy field.


    Doc Harmony

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