Truths About Ear Candles

Uncovering the Truth

For many years now, people have been sharing their stories about how their grandmother or aunt or mother candled them as a child. These stories date back three or four generations. Most of the stories that are shared with us are from families from Italy, Poland, Central America and South America. Not Native American Indians. Help us establish the truth about where ear candles originated – from our own elders!

 Some ear candle manufacturers want you to believe that ear candles are closely related to the Hopi Indiana tribe.  This is completely false, blatantly disavowed by the Hopi Indians themselves.  Harmony's Candles believes in the truth.  Please click here to see the truth about the fact that ear candles did not originate from the Hopi Tribe.

Share your stories about ear candles!

Doc Harmony wants everyone to know the truth of ear candles. There are plenty of common myths about how candling was developed, but a lot of the information regarding ear candles is not factual. As shown above, ear candles did not originate from the Hopi Indians. So join in the conversation and tell us all about how you learned about ear candles. Did your grandmother from Italy use candles on you when you were younger? How long ago was that? What country was the person from who first introduced you to candling? Leave a message in the comments section to begin a conversation about ear candles.

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